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The Hymns to Freedom Project
The Hymns to Freedom Project comes at a moment in our society of heightened racial tensions between black and white communities. Decades after the abolition of slavery and the Civil Rights movement, we still witness racial injustice and inequality.

Despite what the headlines read, this is not the full story. The Hymns to Freedom Project communicates the truth that love and unity are more powerful than hate and discord. Inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, composer Corey Butler, has created moving classical orchestrations to communicate the story of African American culture supported by a diverse orchestra and renowned singer, Jackie Richardson.

Mr. Butler's compositions fuse Classical Music and the Negro Spiritual and highlights the unlikely influences the genres have on each other. Tension and resolution in the pieces are juxtaposed against past and present racial environments and shows that when united, our differences can blend to create masterpieces. The show communicates the ideals of love, respect and unity to all and promises to entertain and challenge guests with the message that, We Are Better Together.

Date: February 2nd, 2019 | 8pm
Venue: The Rose Theatre. 1 Theatre Lane, Brampton, ON. L6V 0A3



Phylicia Rawlins wrote

Wow wow wow. What can I say about Corey Butler and the Hymns to Freedom Project? Maybe my face in this picture says enough. I am so proud to know this man and feel beyond blessed that I got to be here for what will surely be only the first of many many performances like this one. Corey the message was inspiring, the music was incredible and we leave this theatre full of that special ingredient... LOVE.

Carole Adriaans wrote

What an incredible event last night "Hymns To Freedom Project " directed by "The Maestro " Jamaican born Corey Butler and The Electrifying Jackie Richardson whose deep and abiding soul moved us all to tears - what a spiritual awakening for all who attended!

Candace Allen wrote

The word freedom is defined as "the power of self-determination attributed to the will." The Hymns to Freedom Project was the perfect example of the power of self - determination attributed to the will.

The will for togetherness.

The message was simple and it was clear.. We Are Better Together .

In a time when individualism and "me only" is celebrated, this project demonstrated the importance of unity, with the universal cure.. Love..

A 40 piece orchestra directed by @coreybutlermusic performed songs that told of a story and took you on a journey. A journey of history, a journey of strength.. a journey to freedom.

Keisha Knibbs wrote

I thoroughly enjoyed a cultured night out with my Momma Hymns to Freedom was a riveting assembly composed by Corey Butler I was almost heartbroken once I'd realized the show had ended.

The profound instrumental messages of peace, unity and love vs. hate resonated in the core of my soul.

The proper marriage of classical music, old Negro spirituals, various historical facts, and audible inspirational reminders of the words of Dr. Martin Luther King; partnered with an exceptional Orchestra, and a songress to be reckoned with, Jackie Richardson was, for a lack of a better word: EVERYTHINGGGGG!

I had a blast, and was left feeling nostalgic over my orchestra days when I used to play the violin #GoodTimes

I'm so glad that I went to see this and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to take in such gifts and talent!

God willing, I definitely plan to attend this Production again come February 2019!

Rosan Hinds wrote

Very emotional and inspiring show! Kudous to you Corey Butler! Congrats!

Reba Hector wrote

The Hymns to Freedom project was a touching and brilliant homage to people, to Love and to a History we don't hear enough about. I encourage you all to attend next years' Orchestral selection and experience the grandeur yourself. FEB 02, 2019. Mark your calendars!!! My highest accolades to Corey Butler and Zamar Music for this astounding musical production! Bravo and Encore!