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About us

Zamar Music Productions Inc., is a multifaceted not-for-profit organization committed to impacting communities through music art performance.

We effectively accomplish our vision by engaging diverse audiences in powerful arts experiences through the moving, spirited performances and collaborative endeavours, with some of the finest musicians an artists in Canada.
We are also dedicated to ingenuity, artistic excellence, cultural diversity and equal representation in the programming and music art performances we curate.

Zamar Music Productions Inc. produces a regular concert series of inspirational, educational and ground-breaking repertoire and features in many of their concert productions compositions by composers from across Canada and around the world. The Music is Within You.

Zamar Music Productions Inc through its Vision and Mission is committed to helping individuals find the "Music Within Them" so there can be a greater appreciation for the differences we all share culturally and socially.

We believe that the orchestration of our lives together in community will produce a symphony that will reverberate throughout our communities and affect change.