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About us

At Zamar Music Productions Inc., we believe music education and the exposure to its various forms, has the ability to transform an individual creatively, socially and academically, thereby enriching their lives and their lives of the members of their community.

With that said, Zamar Music Productions Inc. was established to impact the lives of people within the community by exposing them to affordable music and musical opportunities, and to establish musical development programs for children and youth, allowing them to be exposed to a medium of expression they wouldn't normally be exposed to.

Investing in our communities through music art education, performance and production is what sets us apart.

The Music is Within You.

Zamar Music Productions Inc through it's Vision and Mission is committed to helping individuals find the "music within them" so there can be a greater appreciation for the differences we all share culturally and socially.

We believe that the orchestration of our lives together in community will produce a symphony that will reverberate throughout our communities and affect the change we desire.